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2nd January 2020

Transform your Exterior with Cladding

Here at Attoe Building Design we have been using and recommending exterior cladding for our clients for many years now.

Cladding your home or extension will not only drastically effect the appearance of your home, it will also influence how it performs and what maintenance is required to look its best.

Cladding your home is a fool proof-way to transform the exterior of your property. There are plenty of styles and colours choose from, meaning there is something for every type of property.

Be subtle and choose a pale shade or wooden cladding, or make a statement with a dark colour such as black creating a contemporary style.

Not only does cladding decorate the exterior of your home, it also protects your property from the elements. Therefore it’s a stylish weather-proofing makeover that would likely increase your properties’ value.

Natasha Brinsmead has written a great article for Homebuilding & Renovating which really goes into depth and covers the types of cladding available, well worth  a read.

House Cladding: How to Choose the Right Option for Your Home

Here’s some cladding inspiration to assist with your Grand Design;

Photo Credits (left to right): Leibal, Potton, Kyleigh ExteriorHomes to Love


We understand that home rennovations can be a daunting task, so we have put together this quick-look guide to answer some of the most popular questions and explain the process step by step.